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Microsoft warns Windows 7 is dangerous to continue using

Microsoft is looking for ways to get users to switch to the latest version of Windows 10 and one of those measures is to issue a warning about the use of Windows 7 can be dangerous to users.
In a post posted on Microsoft's official German branch blog, Microsoft has warned that if it continues to use Windows 7, this is a bad idea for users.
According to Markus Nitschke, director of Microsoft's Windows division in Germany, the old operating system "does not meet the requirements of modern technology as well as the high security requirements of technology." information". Windows 7 is built on a security model nearly a decade ago, so it does not invest heavily in online threats, which are becoming more common at the time. At present, there are many potential can be exploited and attacked.
Currently, Windows 7 professional product key is still supported by Microsoft until January 13, 2020, but software giant warns users that the use of Windows 7 will face many danger…

How to Reinstall Windows 7

If your Windows 7 is slow and infected. First, we recommend using the best anti-virus software. If your problem persists, try updating your Windows 7 professional product key. If not, you can simply reinstall Windows 7. Here you can also see the Step-by-Step Guide for Reinstalling (Clean & Refresh) Windows 7.
Windows Restore is also another way if your computer is slow. You can easily restore your Windows 7. Windows Restore eliminates this software and puts your system into a previous state without damaging your Windows speed. Restoring your computer to its original factory settings takes less time than reinstalling Windows 7. Read more: How to speed up your Windows?
Why do I need to reinstall (Clean & Refresh) Windows 7?
Before reinstalling your current Windows. Windows 7 users are always looking for ease of use. They mainly use Windows 7 because of its simple structure, ease of use, limited features of Windows 7 and many other features. Here are a few reasons why you need to …

Windows 10 Home Premium 64 bit Full Version Free Download

As we all know, Computers have become an essential part of our lives. As technology and science are growing. We are surrounded by the latest gadgets and inventions. We want to compete in the world and not want to fall behind. But technology sometimes becomes expensive, and some of us may not be trending. So what we do is we find the free version of the Product or some of us want the cracked free version. They do not want to buy the entire product for themselves but want to use the open version. This is what we will give you is Windows 10 Home Product key.
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Product Key Windows 8.1 2018

Windows 8.1 Product Key: Windows 8.1 is the legacy version of Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system. It has all the new features of windows 8 and updating to windows 8.1 is free for users who are using windows 8. It has updated features compared to windows 8, which makes it attractive to people. use. To run windows 8.1, we need Windows 8.1 activation key. Let's get some information about locking windows 8.1.
Windows 8.1 Product Key Free for You (32/64 bit)
To run windows 8.1, we need windows 8.1 key. A window lock is a 25-character code that is used to activate a window on your computer. It looks like: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX. This activation helps verify that your copy was not used on more computers than the Microsoft Software License Terms permit. Even if you have genuine windows, but you do not have windows 8.1 lock, you will not be able to run Windows 8.1 on your computer. So the Windows 8.1 key serial for both 32-64 bits is a very important part of windows and you h…

Microsoft is about to raise the price of the upgrade to Windows 8

Microsoft's $ 39.99 upgrade package to Microsoft's Windows 8 Pro product key operating system will end on January 31.
Since February 2013, users who are using Windows Vista or Windows 7 product key will have to pay $ 119 to upgrade to a regular version of Windows 8, or $ 199 for a version of Windows 8 Pro.
Microsoft will also offer an upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 8 Pro for $ 99.
Microsoft office 2016 product key officially launched Windows 8 operating system on October 25, 2012 and released this platform to the global market a day later.
On Wednesday, a senior executive at Microsoft announced that the company had sold a total of 60 million licenses in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada. Windows 8 operating system, including new purchases and upgrades.

Windows 7 continues to decline market share

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The latest report says the Windows 10 product key operating system market is slightly up from last month, while Windows 7 market share continues to decline.
Data from NetMarketShare shows that the current Windows 10 operating system market share is 27.99%, up from 27.63% previously. Although the increase is not large, but it is significantly higher than other operating systems. Meanwhile, Windows 7 professional product key market share fell to 48.43%.
For other operating systems, NetMarketShare noted that Windows 8.1 dropped to 6.07% compared to 6.48% reported last month. Windows XP also faces a slight decline in market share with Windows 8.1. Mac OS X Apple has grown slightly and is at 3.59%. The "Other" category of Linux variants increased to 7.84%.
Meanwhile, StatCounter noted that the current Windows product key operating system accounted for 83.53%, while Apple's current MacOS 11.95%. The research firm divides 83.53% of Windows market share, including Windows 7 (45.…

Windows Product Key Finder v1.0

Windows Product Key Finder is just - a key search program. It can find the product key for several versions of Windows, but unlike similar software, its functionality stops there.
Although Windows Product Key Finder does not detect keys from installed software, it is still great for finding Windows product keys. You can find your key in seconds and then easily copy it elsewhere to keep it safe.
Learn more about Windows Product Key Finder
Here are some other details about Windows Product Key Finder, including the major operating systems that it finds the product key for:
Find keys for operating system: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP. Windows Product Key Finder will open in Windows 8 and Windows 10 product key but the product key that it displays is not correct
+ Very small download size (80 KB)
+ Extremely simple interface
+ The program has only one button
+ Displays the operating system version number, installation date, service pack number, and serial number outside th…