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Product Key for Windows 7 Home Premium 2018

Are you worried about Windows 7 Premium Home Premium? Or Windows 7 product key for any other version? Do not worry; We have a solution for your problem. We are researching technology and providing Windows solutions to your questions. In our recent article, we give you the Windows 8.1 Product Key and we get a lot of positive reviews and it benefits Windows 8.1 users. Similarly, we continue to look at this point and think about offering premium Windows 7 product key for 2017, 2018, and so on.
On the other hand, if you want to remove Windows 7 and you are tired of having multiple product keys, and nothing is successfully applied. Congratulations, you are on the perfect platform and reading a great article. We guarantee that if these product keys are not working, we will provide you with the best solution when we can provide them. In this article, these keys will also work for the last 64-bit product key and the 32-bit product key.
How To Activate Windows 7 Home Premium Using Product Key?

Three free search tools for Windows

Windows 10 introduces several useful File Explorer tips and new features in Task Manager, making it one of the most effective versions of Windows so far.
However, some parts are not as good as expected like Windows Search. Although there are some tips and tricks for Windows Search, it has never been compared to the search features of Mac and Linux. Although Windows 10 product key tried to reduce the distance, it was still slow and not perfect.
If you regularly search for files and directories throughout your system, you should consider switching to this third-party tool. Windows is only good for basic and casual use.
1. Everything Search Software
Everything is considered one of the fastest search engines for Windows product key. And the use of it is very simple, you just install, open the program and provide a little information, the right to it index the whole system. It can index your new Windows installation in less than a minute.
When you're finished, just enter anything in the…

Windows 7 prepares to "king the throne" of Windows XP

For the first time after years of dominating the PC market, the Windows XP operating system is about to undercut Windows 7.
After 10 years, Windows XP product key is still the most popular operating system platform in the world. However, Windows 7 is expected to be crowned in late August.
Windows 7 and Windows XP are two of Microsoft's most successful operating systems to date, according to Net Applications. In July, Windows 7 accounted for 42.21% of network traffic, while Windows XP accounted for slightly higher market share, 42.86% of network traffic. When Windows 7 catches up with Windows XP, this platform will definitely be number one this month.
The latest results show that there is a big difference compared to July 2011. At that time, Windows 7 accounted for only 29.6% of Net Applications traffic, while Windows XP accounted for 52%.
For a new operating system released in 2001, XP has achieved great success beyond expectations. Many businesses and consumers are completely sat…

Windows 7 becomes the most popular operating system in the world

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Windows 7 became the most popular operating system in the world for the first time, two years after Windows 7 officially debuted in October.
The information is published by market research firm StatCounter Technologies. According to the October survey, Windows 7 currently accounts for 40.21% of the global operating system market, while Windows XP product key accounts for only 38.64%. This is the first time that Windows 7 has surpassed XP to become the most popular operating system in the world and is considered a major step forward by Microsoft two years after Windows 7 was released.
Two years ago, since the first beta, Windows 7 showed positive feedback from users. By October 2009, Windows 7 officially appeared, the operating system quickly get the favor from the users, businesses and the media.
Just in 2 weeks, Windows 7 has quickly surpassed Apple's Mac OS Snow Leopard. By February 2010, Windows 7 had reached a 10% share of the global operating system market, after only 3 month…

Goodbye Windows XP, hello Window 7

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Microsoft has been trying to break up with XP a few years ago, but Windows Vista does not help them realize that dream. Now, with Windows 7 in hand, it seems the company decided to shake off the "old soldiers" XP again.
According to data analysis firm Net Applications, Vista accounted for just 23 percent of the desktop market. The devastating failure of Windows Vista, and the rise of Linux-based netbooks, prompted Microsoft to "resign" its plan to split with XP in 2006. Two years later, with Windows 7 in hand, shake off Windows XP product key again. The first step is to officially declare XP, stop all technical support for free operating system on April 14 to. The next step is to vague "release" of the Release Candicate information that will be released shortly thereafter, around May. The Release Candicate is the final version of the product testing process. , eliminated most of the bugs and quality very close to the official.
At present, Microsoft office…

Microsoft warns Windows 7 is dangerous to continue using

Microsoft is looking for ways to get users to switch to the latest version of Windows 10 and one of those measures is to issue a warning about the use of Windows 7 can be dangerous to users.
In a post posted on Microsoft's official German branch blog, Microsoft has warned that if it continues to use Windows 7, this is a bad idea for users.
According to Markus Nitschke, director of Microsoft's Windows division in Germany, the old operating system "does not meet the requirements of modern technology as well as the high security requirements of technology." information". Windows 7 is built on a security model nearly a decade ago, so it does not invest heavily in online threats, which are becoming more common at the time. At present, there are many potential can be exploited and attacked.
Currently, Windows 7 professional product key is still supported by Microsoft until January 13, 2020, but software giant warns users that the use of Windows 7 will face many danger…

How to Reinstall Windows 7

If your Windows 7 is slow and infected. First, we recommend using the best anti-virus software. If your problem persists, try updating your Windows 7 professional product key. If not, you can simply reinstall Windows 7. Here you can also see the Step-by-Step Guide for Reinstalling (Clean & Refresh) Windows 7.
Windows Restore is also another way if your computer is slow. You can easily restore your Windows 7. Windows Restore eliminates this software and puts your system into a previous state without damaging your Windows speed. Restoring your computer to its original factory settings takes less time than reinstalling Windows 7. Read more: How to speed up your Windows?
Why do I need to reinstall (Clean & Refresh) Windows 7?
Before reinstalling your current Windows. Windows 7 users are always looking for ease of use. They mainly use Windows 7 because of its simple structure, ease of use, limited features of Windows 7 and many other features. Here are a few reasons why you need to …